Welcome to Insanity!

We are northern Metal from Bremerhaven!

Melodic. Real. Impulsive. Varied. Insane.

Come and follow us into an insane world. We are ‚Definition of Insanity‚ and we bring you our music!
We combine many styles into one style, our style. Somewhere between heavy metal, groove metal, melodic metal and metalcore – there we are.
We bring you driving rhythms. We bring you true stories. We bring you feeling. You will feel our melodies and know what we want to say.
Come and follow us into the Abyss. Into the Void. Into our own world.
We will catch you and you’ll never leave our side.

„Join us here at the Edge of the World“

With the band Definition of Insanity, a group from the far north manages to combine many different styles and influences into one style. Massively influenced by classic heavy metal, melodic rock and modern metal bands, a unique mixture is created.
The three different singing styles also give it a distinctive impression.
In addition to catchy songs and melodies, it is important to the band that the songs reach the audience especially live. Every song has a personal story to tell and every riff is written from the heart. Everyone brings their best ideas and together it becomes a successful mix.

A small idea turned into an ambitious project. We want to bring you our music!